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COLE - Council for Online Learning Excellence

Who can join?

The Council for Online Learning Excellence (COLE) welcomes innovators from all Oklahoma college campuses, other educational entities, and organizations that support online learning experiences.

New members of COLE should have a demonstrated commitment to excellence in online education at their home institution, agency or organization.

What is involved?

Members of COLE will be asked to attend monthly meetings with the full council in addition to having an opportunity to contribute to one or more of the following subcommittees:


Advanced Technologies

LMS & Tools

Open Educational Resources (OER)


Professional Development

Student Success

COLE meetings and events are traditionally held virtually. COLE subcommittees meet on a monthly basis, and members are asked to attend a joint summer planning retreat with the Online Consortium of Oklahoma each July.  COLE members also work asynchronously throughout the year on development projects and other support initiatives such as the OK Learning Innovations Summit each spring.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining COLE, you may begin by obtaining an endorsement from one of the following leaders:

Institution or organization president

Institution or organization vice president

Current COLE member

OCO Steering Committee member

Once you obtain an endorsement, ask that individual to contact the current COLE chairperson, Lisa Friesen at, with your contact information and a brief message of support.