Extended Realities (XR)

Immerse Your Learners in Virtual Environments

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) environments empower individuals to expand beyond the physical world in front of them. Also referred to as “extended realities (XR),” these technologies can completely transform the experience of learners, particularly in the remote or online environment.

VR Production Toolkits

OneNet’s Next-Generation Classroom initiative is encouraging higher educational institutions to utilize XR technologies to create new models for teaching and learning. OneNet has partnered with the Council for Online Learning Excellence (COLE) to develop virtual reality production toolkits.  These will be offered to Oklahoma institutions to empower them to explore and develop resources.

Each toolkit provides at minimum the following resources:

  • GoPro Max 360-Degree Camera
  • Equipment for capturing footage
  • Adobe Captivate software licenses to design VR modules
  • Storage support for completed projects

Interested institutions should identify initial project ideas, resources, and scope before submitting the toolkit request form.  In promotion of open educational resources, institutions shall apply a Creative Commons license to works produced with the toolkit to allow others to retain, reuse, remix, revise, and redistribute.

Case Study

OneNet + SEOSU VR Collaboration

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is bringing virtual reality to higher education in Oklahoma! With support and resources provided by OneNet, virtual reality enabled modules are being developed to serve a variety of subjects in both STEM and the arts. Faculty from multiple departments are working with SEOSU staff and several student workers to design and develop these modules, which include a combination of 360 and 2D images and videos, to capture traditional classroom learning experiences. The modules provide an interactive learning environment that students can engage with either on a computer or with a VR headset. See a preview in the following video:

This project is part of an open education resource (OER) initiative sparked by COLE and OCO. As an OER initiative, other institutions will be able to view and use the completed modules. Additionally, other partnering institutions will obtain access to template files to aid in the development of additional VR experiences throughout the state. Southeastern’s staff and student workers are also developing an instructional guide, which will detail the process used and lessons learned from this project for other toolkit users.