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Showcase and Synergize Your Skills

Starting fall 2020, Oklahoma higher education faculty and staff will have a new way to share their online learning expertise and document the skills it takes to get there.

Digital Badges

No matter where you teach now or in the future, digital badges serve as your portable micro-credentials to keep and collect over time. Badges can be earned in a variety of ways, including:

  • Completion of professional development
  • Demonstration of expertise
  • Collaboration and creation of resources
  • Complement to formal awards or other recognition

Badges offered by COLE and OCO are supported by Badgr, allowing you to connect with badges you may earn through other issuers in a single digital portfolio.

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Special Designation

Archived Badges

Learning Paths and Certificates

Successful online learning requires continuous development. Our learning paths and certificates allow you to organize digital badges and other experiences into portable, stackable pathways which align with meaningful priorities, standards and certifications.