The AI Impact in Higher Education Committee

In May 2023, Oklahoma was one of the first states to establish a system-wide committee to study the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) across the scope of higher education. Our 35+ members include professionals from diverse areas of institutions and the state itself, each bringing unique perspectives to the table. The committee seeks to inform their own institutions’ policies and practices with respect to governance, operational, and pedagogical approaches to AI.

Who Are Our Members?

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Academic Professionals

Contributors of expertise in AI technologies, curriculum, and research provide valuable insights into the integration of AI in higher education.

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Educational Administrators

Contributors of managerial experience needed to oversee AI-driven initiatives, improvements, and alignments to campus goals.

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Industry Experts & Technologists

Innovators and practitioners of AI technologies help guide the committee’s perspective to ensure cutting-edge, feasible solutions.

Members by Institution

Alexcia Rankin
Marc Willis

Kellye Semeski

Ralph Grayson

Tracey Hickman
Amy McCain

Roy Wood

James Bell
Roxie James

Cristina Colquhoun
Christine Ormsbee
Matt Upson

Stephanie Baird
Brittany Blake
Angela Caddell
Brad Griffith
Matthew Lann-Wolcott
Lauren Pettigrew
Tracey Romano

Teresa Golden
Alisha Ridenour
Christala Smith

Amanda Evert
Lisa Friesen
Steve Ray

Sarah Wyatt

Marianne Myers
Michael Speck

Laura Dumin
Amanda Keesee
KT King
Nicholas Poss

Geneva Murray

Monthly Networking Conversations

The AI Impact Committee meets monthly to share the latest developments surrounding AI technology, case studies from Oklahoma campuses, and engage with experts from the field. Committee meetings are facilitated by co-chairs from a two and four-year institution.

Join the AI Impact Committee

If you are interested, contact Brad Griffith, Associate Vice Chancellor of Innovation (OSRHE) at to request to join the committee.  Please include your name and institution/organization affiliation in your request.