Oklahoma Quality Matters (OKQM)

Quality Matters (QM) is a global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. It has advanced quality assurance practices in online teaching and learning for over a decade. QM in Oklahoma started in September 2010 with three institutions combining their individual subscriptions.

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OKQM Dedicated
Workshop Opportunities

OKQM is licensed to offer three Quality Matters dedicated workshops in state, offering members a significant discount compared to QM national workshops and a chance to work with their own peers from across Oklahoma. You may register for upcoming OKQM Dedicated Workshops using the link below. If no OKQM workshops are available, you may visit the Quality Matters website to search for additional offerings.

*The fee covers the $35 QM Technology fee and cost associated with providing facilitators. Late registrations will incur an additional $10 fee.


Designing Your Online Course

Audience: Participants who need to design a course from scratch.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must have access to a course they intend to put online to work with throughout the session.

Outcomes: Participants walk away with a course development plan they can immediately use to develop their online course.

Fees for OKQM Affiliates: $75*


Improving Your Online Course

Audience: Participants who already teach online and want to improve their course design.

Prerequisite(s): Participants must have a current online course that they have taught once or twice to work with throughout the session. 

Outcomes: Participants walk away with a course improvement plan they can immediately use to apply improvements to their online course.

Fees for OKQM Affiliates: $75*


Applying the
Quality Matters Rubric

Audience: Participants interested in learning more about QM and the course review process, especially if they are interested in becoming a Peer Reviewer. 

Prerequisite(s): There are no prerequisites.

Outcomes: Participants walk away with the understanding of how to apply the QM Rubric and standards to courses.

Fees for OKQM Affiliates: $95*

Statewide Coordination

In fall 2014, OSRHE began supporting a statewide consortium subscription to QM which provides all Oklahoma institutions of higher education, both public and private, an opportunity to adopt the system at a reduced rate and participate in state-level coordinated faculty development.  To view the current fees for Quality Matters, visit the QM Benefits and Fees webpage.

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Contact: Andrew Gaber

Contact: Wendy McKibben, William Crowell

Contact: Kellye Semeski

Contact: Ally Sharp

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Contact: Joy Bauer

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Contact: Kathryn Earl-Wilcox

Contact: Paul Gebb

Contact: Kasey Sewell

Contact: Jody Grammer

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Contact: Todd Hobson

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Contact: Lisa Friesen

Contact: Rachel Daugherty

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Contact: Ginger London

Contact: Chrystal Overton

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If you have questions related to or would like to join OKQM, contact the lead coordinator, Dr. Dana Lindon-Burgett (