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Open education is more than just offering low or no-cost course materials to students.

Why Open Education?

Open education is more than just offering low or no-cost course materials to students. It is advocacy for better teaching that is based upon a community of inquiry, equal and early access to course materials for students, and sharing resources among the global community. Faculty can truly create their perfect textbook and break away from the one-size-fits-all approach. Education is more effective when we work together to remove access barriers.

Open education depends upon on the continuous development of open educational resources (OER) and open licensing of those materials, resulting in removal of access barriers for students.

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Open OCO

OPEN OCO Pressbooks Launched

Author: Brad GriffithTopic:  OPEN OCO Pressbooks Launched OPEN OCO Pressbooks LaunchedIn fall 2020, the Online Consortium of Oklahoma (OCO) launched OPEN OCO, an open educational resource (OER) publishing platform powered…

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OER Showcase

Discover some of the current happenings on Oklahoma campuses in the world of OER.

Open Educational Resources: Basics & Beyond

Produced by volunteers from COLE, access the OER: Basics and Beyond two-part course in the OCO Learning Portal.  You will also interact with the book of the same title hosted in OPEN OCO Pressbooks. Upon completion of both parts, you can earn the OER 101 and OER Champion digital badges!

Understanding Open Educational Resources

Produced by volunteers from the Council for Online Learning Excellence (COLE), this infographic can be shared with your colleagues who might be unfamiliar with OER.

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