Open Educational Resources

Open education is more than just offering low or no-cost course materials to students.

OER Mission and Vision for OK Higher Ed

OUR MISSION: Open educational resources (OER) will equip the Oklahoma State System for Higher Education and Oklahoma institutions to create opportunities for diverse, equal and collaborative knowledge creation and dissemination for students through no-cost, openly-licensed materials.

OUR VISION: OER use will become a standard across the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education, with all stakeholders understanding the positive impact it makes on students, and working together to cultivate OER development and advocacy locally, nationally, and globally so that OER may impact all learners no matter their situation.

Oklahoma OER Collaboration Opportunities

Materials Development

Grant Collaboration

Shared Resources

OER Showcase

Discover some of the current happenings on Oklahoma campuses in the world of OER.

Open Educational Resources: Basics & Beyond

Produced by volunteers from COLE, access the OER: Basics and Beyond two-part course in the OCO Learning Portal.  You will also interact with the book of the same title hosted in OPEN OCO Pressbooks. Upon completion of both parts, you can earn the OER 101 and OER Champion digital badges!

Understanding Open Educational Resources

Produced by volunteers from the Council for Online Learning Excellence (COLE), this infographic can be shared with your colleagues who might be unfamiliar with OER.

Download Infographic (PDF)

Open OCO Pressbooks

OPEN OCO Pressbooks Project Grants

Grant funding is now available for faculty developing projects using OPEN OCO Pressbooks. Funds are specific to project type and subject to availability with priority given to high-enrollment courses:

  • Level 1: Adoption of whole, existing OER: $500
  • Level 2: Remixing/revision of multiple OER: $1,000
  • Level 3: Creation of new OER: $2,500

Interested faculty and teams are invited to request a consultation with OCO to find out more about this opportunity. Awarded funds will be disbursed upon the first semester of project implementation.

Collaboration Spaces

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