Digital Accessibility

Not Just Accessible, Inclusive.

Online educators and institutions must aim for the most inclusive experience possible for all students, employees and other members of the community.

While all Oklahoma institutions and agencies must adhere to state guidelines of having accessible digital content, inclusive design is a process in which we:

  • Recognize when learners are excluded.
  • Solve issue for one, but apply solution to many.
  • Continuously improve through feedback from diverse user experiences.

Accessibility opens learning experiences to all, but inclusive design accounts for the full range of human diversity.

Oklahoma Accessibility Collaboration Opportunities


Ongoing professional development offers faculty and staff a pathway to innovate with accessible and alternative formats of assignments, understand the uses of adaptive technologies for online learners, and evaluate web content accessibility.


Each institution or agency should provide guidance for all of its community members on accessibility to ensure all resources are designed, developed and procured with accessibility at the forefront, preventing the necessity to start from scratch.


Teaching in the 21st century demands timely, quality and relevant pathways for skill development. What seems like a moving target amid an ever-changing technology landscape can be simplified through collaborative learning.

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