Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

AI requires us to constantly evaluate practices across higher education.

Knowledge and tools necessary to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education

AI Mission and Vision for OK Higher Ed

OUR MISSION:  Our mission is to empower educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. We aim to support the integration of AI into teaching and learning processes to enhance educational outcomes, foster innovation, and improve efficiency across educational institutions.

OUR VISION: Our vision is to create a future where artificial intelligence is seamlessly integrated into educational environments, enabling personalized learning experiences, data-driven decision-making, and a supportive, efficient educational ecosystem. We strive to be leaders in AI education, driving advancements that benefit both educators and students.

AI Resources Directory

The AI Resource Directory was established in spring 2024 to provide a portal for individuals to find and share helpful information.  Using the AI Policy and Practice Framework published by WCET in 2023, any individual can submit new resources for review and view those that have already been published.

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Free Google AI Essentials Course for Oklahomans

Earn the Google AI Essentials Certificate for free!  Oklahoma has partnered with Google to offer the AI Essentials course to teach people to use generative AI effectively in day-to-day work. In under 10 hours, people will get practical, hands-on experience using AI to help with work tasks through videos, readings and interactive exercises. The skills learned can be applied to a variety of roles across industries. After completing the course, people will earn a certificate from Google to share with their network.

AI in Education Case Studies

We invite educators and institutions to share successes, challenges, and insights through case studies.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Overview

    Provide a brief description of your AI project or initiative.

  • Objectives

    Outline the goals and desired outcomes.

  • Implementation

    Describe the steps taken to integrate AI.

  • Results

    Share the outcomes, lessons learned, and future plans.

Submit your case studies to join us in advancing AI in education.

Your contributions will be featured on our website and we may contact you for guest speaker opportunities.