Oklahoma Learning Innovations Summit Summary

Thank you for making the first Oklahoma Learning Innovations Summit a wonderful success! 

Throughout April, more than 370 educators from across Oklahoma (and beyond) came together to share and learn innovative ways for helping students succeed. 

Please take a few moments to complete the following brief questionnaire about your experience.  Your input will be valuable as we plan the next summit together. 

Feedback Questionnaire

Be sure to visit the summit website at http://www.onlineexcellence.onenet.net/ for session recordings, notes, and on-demand resources. These will be available for you to access at your convenience.

I also encourage you to join the Oklahoma Learning Innovations Summit Facebook group if you have not already. We will continue to use this group to share updates, tips, and information for educators in Oklahoma.

It’s been a pleasure learning with you over the past month. I look forward to connecting with you at future learning events.



Bucky Dodd, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Center for eLearning and Connected Environments
Institute for Learning Environment Design
University of Central Oklahoma
405.974.3592 | bdodd1@uco.edu