OER Training and Open Textbook Grants Now Available for 2022-23


OER 101 Credly Badge

OER 101 Training Completion Grants

Faculty and staff who work with faculty on curriculum and course development are invited to complete the OER 101 training offered for free through the Online Consortium of Oklahoma.  90 total $50 awards are available on a first-come basis. This training equips individuals with the knowledge necessary to find and use OER.  Eligible individuals will be contacted by OSRHE once they successfully complete the final assessment and offered an opportunity to complete an MOU to receive the funds through their institution.  Every individual who successfully completes the OER 101 training will be issued a digital credential through Credly.

Click on the image below to view or download a copy of our flyer for more information!

OER 101 Training Flyer

OER Adoption/Development Faculty Grants

All state system institution faculty teaching transferable courses with OER in spring or summer 2023 are eligible to apply for open textbook development/adoption grants. OPEN OCO Pressbooks is available as a resource.  A total of $235,000 in funding is available on a first-come basis. 

Three grant types are offered, including:

  • $500 – Whole adoption of an existing OER
  • $1,000 – Remix/revision of two or more existing OER into a new book
  • $2,500 – Full authorship of a new OER

Additionally, a $500 Ancillary Materials Grant is available as add-on or stand-alone to fund the creation of homework and assessments to accompany a new or existing OER textbook.  Funding will be disbursed from OSRHE to the faculty’s teaching institution upon completion of project requirements, who may issue the award to the faculty.

Interested faculty may initiate a consultation request with OSRHE to discuss their project and apply for the funds. 

Click on the image below to view or download a copy of our flyer for more information!

Open Textbook Project Grants Flyer


If you have questions or would like to request a presentation of this information to a group on your campus, please contact us at online@osrhe.edu.