Time Management

Often times, students have some misunderstandings concerning online courses. One common misconception is that online courses are easier and require less time than traditional face-to-face courses. However, being an online student is not a simple task. Online courses require as much, if not more, energy than traditional on-campus courses. While taking online courses does offer more flexibility and convenience for students, there are still deadlines and specific requirements that online students must follow in order to be successful. One of the most important skills you can have as an online student is effective time management.

Here Are a Few Time Management Tips:

Create a plan and establish a routine

Structure is very important in the online environment. Spend time familiarizing yourself with your online course structure.

Read your syllabus thoroughly refer to it throughout the course for readings, deadlines and assignments.

Use a calendar or planner to note important course dates:

Consider using an app on your Smart Device, a written calendar, or planner. Find a system that best fit your needs.

Add times and locations dedicated specifically for studying.

Plan ahead. Check in often, at least once a day!

Log into your courses and check the announcements daily.

Download the LMS app to your mobile phone if available. Notifications can be sent to directly to your phone notifying you of any new announcements.

Utilize University Resources

Many universities offer online tutoring, librarians, writing centers, etc. Be sure to look for any information on your university’s webpage pertaining to services available for online students.

Speak up if you are having problems or falling behind.

Create a Distraction Free Work Space

Most of your time will be spent on your computer or mobile device, try to avoid distractions. Remind yourself that this particular time on your computer or mobile device is dedicated to your course. Try to avoid Facebook, surfing the web or texting during this time.

Find a work space with a good internet connection, waiting on videos to buffer can be a huge time waster.

Take Time to Reward Your Accomplishments

Celebrate a good grade on an exam or completing a research paper with a movie or ice cream.

Maybe the best reward for yourself is rest.

Taking time for yourself can help you avoid burnout.