Tips on Setting Up a Work Space

Often times, students have some misunderstandings concerning online courses. One common misconception is that online courses are easier and require less time than traditional face-to-face courses. However, being an online student is not a simple task. Online courses require as much, if not more, energy than traditional on-campus courses. While taking online courses does offer more flexibility and convenience for students, there are still deadlines and specific requirements that online students must follow in order to be successful. One of the most important skills you can have as an online student is effective time management.

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4 Key Elements of a Successful Work Space

Getting Started

Equip your work space with a computer, printer, power cords, etc.

Check your course syllabus for each course and look for any extra hardware you might need.

Have a wired broadband internet connection.

Have textbooks, pens, pencils, notebooks available.

Plan for organization – have folders, stacking trays, etc.

Remove all Distractions

Place your phone on silent. Consider also placing your phone in another location.

Restrict your web surfing (stayfocused, a free Google ext. to assist with web browsing)

Be careful with any music you play – your mind might wander and focus on the lyrics

Wear noise-cancelling headphones if you are listening to music

Organize Your Time

Be careful to use your time wisely.

Eliminate interruptions/distractions.

Learn to say no. Make studying a priority.

Focus your energy on studying.

Name a Place

Set aside a space as your student space and make it your online classroom.

Have a desk or table dedicated to your online studies

Have adequate lighting to reduce eye strain