2021 OKLIS: Adaptive Teacher Development Strategies for Teaching STEM-related Information Systems with Analytics

Description: Women are often underrepresented in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professions. Without access to equitable opportunities to explore careers, acquire interdisciplinary contents, and develop the 21st century skills that can further impede women’s abilities to participate in the highly competitive global workforce; and succeed in fast-growing, STEM-related emerging careers (e.g. analytics, data science). This multi-tier STEM Career Builder grant (2018-2021), funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), aims to discover what partnership models, strategies, and innovations can effectively support female high school teachers and students through the research, development (R&D) and implementation of five multi-tier interventions: (1) teacher professional development (PD), (2) a summer academy, (3) job shadowing, (4) mentoring, and (5) internships, and research fellowships.

Facilitators: Dr. Joselina Cheng, Alexia Benson (University of Central Oklahoma)